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One day I got a chance to go on date an English Gentleman. The Gentleman was a politician and really liked Russian woman. But, he didn’t have any Russian woman in his friend circle. This was his first visit to Russia and he desperately wanted to go on date with a Russian woman. Someone suggested him to visit an escort and his search for lovely lady ended on me. He arrived on my apartment on time and we went to a dinner in a famous restaurant in Moscow. We really hit it off while having dinner and got really close after having some drinks. Both of us were getting dizzy and decided to visit a nearby hotel to have some rest. We went to a hotel nearby and as the door was shut, we started kissing each other passionately. We got both naked within 5 minutes and jumped to bed. He kissed me passionately on my lips and then moved his tongue all over my body. After that, he took out some oil from his coat and rubbed it all over my body. I shivered with excitement when his strong hands moved over my tits, my lips, my stomach and finally in my vagina. He inserted his oil licked finger inside my vagina and started rotating it. I closed my eyes in excitement while my vagina became wet. Seeing me excited, he again started kissing me passionately. This time, he lifted me from bed, made me sit on his lap while his lips moved all over my body. Soon, he started sucking my tits too. He kept on kissing and sucking them for at least 10 minutes. Then, looking straight into my eyes, he spread my eyes and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. While he kept on rotating his cock inside my body, his lips were moving inside my mouth. I got so excited that I scratch his back with my long nails. Soon, both of us achieved our sexual climax at the same time and lay on bed for some time. After that, both of us went to a deep sleep. When we woke up, we started preparing to leave hotel room. He gave me a gentle kiss on my lips and thanked me for such a lovely night. He promised me to visit me again whenever he come again to Moscow. We are constantly in touch with each other in Face book and I am sure that he will visit me again to get my compassionate love service.


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